Tanya Forsyth Taylor

Tanya Forsyth Taylor has 30 years of industry and consulting experience, holds a master’s in business, and is a qualified trainer and assessor with a continual learning philosophy. She is experienced in Tourism, manufacturing, government projects, Aboriginal and CALD community program reporting and business development. She works with businesses, not for profits and government organisations in research, business planning and development; helping her clients develop vigorous and economically viable programs and policies to meet their individual needs.
Tanya played a key role in the regions Royalty for Regions destination Peel development project, developed ‘the Peel Barista Challenge’ before handing it over to the local chamber of commerce and spent time at her local football club and Roelands Village volunteering and fundraising. Tanya understands the untapped potential in the region from its unique environmental footprint to its growing manufacturing focus and is looking forward to being a member of the RDA committee advocating for its expansion into the future.