Deputy Chair – David Napoli

David’s early full-time career was with CSIRO where he had many varied experiences and at the same time, taught economics to undergraduate at university in Canberra, on a part-time basis. He graduated from the Australian National University.

David was recruited to the teams responsible for building Alcoa’s Wagerup Refinery and its Portland Smelter in Victoria. He chose to base himself in Mandurah. Having come from Canberra he had experience in Residents’ Associations, as representative local government did not exist in the ACT. This experience resulted in his being invited to be a foundation member of the Halls Head Residents Association. The Association was established to lobby Governments to allow the building of canals in Halls Head and the Dawesville Cut to ensure water quality within the canals.

After leaving Alcoa, David was offered a position in the Executive of Challenge Bank, before eventually leaving to build his own consulting business. As the business grew he invested in the hospitality industry where he developed innovative cafe brasseries, which were the first 24 hour facilities in Perth and Fremantle. Later investments were in agriculture where he and a small group in a Australia planted a new fruit imported from the USA and pioneered a new market for it. He and his wife went on to establish a mental health practice based in Mandurah, with an office in Perth city.

David has spent many years as a Senior Fellow at the Graduate School of Business, Curtin University, teaching leadership, organisation behaviour and organisation planning. He is the lead author of a book “Organizational Jazz”, which was a reader at Curtin and a number of US universities. He continues to write and publish papers that challenge the existing paradigms.

David was a Board Member of the Peel Development Commission for 4 years finishing in June 2018. During that period he was actively involved in the development of the Regional Blue Print and the Transform Peel Project. This gave him a deep and extensive appreciation of the needs of the Peel Region and strategies employed to satisfy those needs.

He has a solid network of senior business leaders, executives in government and, politicians throughout Australia. Similarly, David’s local network is extensive.