The Peel Region is one the fastest growing and most geographically diverse regions of Western Australia. The five local governments of the Peel are determined to build a prosperous, socially inclusive and sustainable future for their communities. The advent of high speed broadband and the potential of other digital technologies present new opportunities for economic, social and environmental development in the region. A number of communities in the Peel such as Mandurah, Byford, South Yunderup, Ravenswood, Pinjarra and Waroona will be amongst the first in Australia to gain high speed broadband connections through optic fibre, satellite, fixed wireless and hybrid technologies.

High speed broadband presents opportunity in education, business, entertainment, health care and sociability giving everyone the potential to be more productive, more creative, more efficient and more connected for decades to come.

  • Work, life balance – working from home becomes a real option
  • Connecting with those that matter – enjoy smoother video conferencing
  • Better for busy households – everyone at home can be online at the same time
  • Entertainment for everyone – choice on every connected device in your home
  • A brighter future – improving the education landscape for Australia
  • Healthier options – e-health and telehealth can thrive with fast broadband.

RDA Peel, recognizing the opportunities that could be afforded by the NBN rollout, commissioned a digital futures strategy for the Peel region that identified six strategies that the regional development organisations and local governments of the Peel should pursue to create its better future using digital technologies:

  1. Lead and collaborate on digital technologies
  2. Extend access to digital infrastructure
  3. Celebrate and promote local communities
  4. Build household capacity and confidence
  5. Develop the small business sector’s capacity
  6. Enhance access to local services.

Each of these strategies is important and each should be implemented through a series of projects and actions. The role of RDA Peel is to raise awareness of the economic and social opportunities presented to the region through the medium of high speed broadband.


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