Workshops & Seminars

RDA Peel has successfully conducted a number of events to build community capacity.

These include:

The Art of Working Together #2

Following previous workshops and conferences, RDA Peel hosted a Sundowner on Wednesday 18th February, for all those involved in the Arts and Culture Sector across the region. The aim of this session was to recognise the unique and influential history of the Peel Region and discuss hopes and aims for the future.

The successful networking session was held in the newly opened Murray Districts Aboriginal Association and featured Indigenous dance and artwork, as well as an introduction and welcome to the centre by Marc Salmon. Following this the newly released Regional Arts and Culture Action Plan was introduced to the sector as well as an address by RDA Peel Executive Officer, John Lambrecht and Mandurah Performing Arts Centre Chairperson, Rhys Williams.

Caroline O’Neill discussed the exhaustive process taken by Department of Culture and Arts to develop the Regional Arts and Culture Action Plan and highlighted the need to continually update the Peel Region Snapshot – something RDA Peel hope to be heavily involved in.

John Lambrecht, RDA Peel’s Executive Officer, announced the development of a Peel Region Arts and Culture Strategy that will sit underneath the Regional Arts and Culture Action Plan and work alongside similar strategies from Local Government Authorities. The strategy will be developed through thorough consultation with each of the region’s communities and key stakeholders. The sector was asked for their ongoing support of the strategy development in addition to networking projects.

Rhys Williams then spoke to the sector about his experience in consultation and strategy writing, emphasizing the need for RDA Peel to merely facilitate discussions and let the sector write a strategy reflective of their needs. The opportunity was also taken to highlight Mandurah Performing Arts Centre’s (MPAC) plan to utilise a ‘Hub and Spoke’ model, which would form a key part of the Peel Region’s Arts and Culture Strategy.

Throughout this time and over light refreshments, participants had the opportunity to network with fellow artists and discuss their role in developing a vibrant, sustainable and economically viable sector.

Please keep in contact with RDA Peel by emailing Georgia on as we begin the consultation process.


The Art of Working Together Conference – 30/07/2014

The contribution of the Arts and Cultures Sector to the Peel Region has been identified as one of great significance and even greater potential; as such RDA Peel is looking to support the sector through the establishment of a sector network. The network will aim to increase communication and develop connections between practitioners and arts workers within the region. The ultimate aim of this initiative is improve the sustainability of the sector and its members, increase its contribution to regional productivity and to increase the influence the sector has in policy decisions at all levels of Government.

On Wednesday 30th July, RDA Peel in conjunction with MPAC, hosted the first of many networking conferences. “The Art of Working Together” included: keynote speaker Rhys Williams -  Chair of Mandurah Performing Arts Centre Board; networking – both formally and informally over lunch and refreshments; PechaKucha Presentations; and facilitated discussions regarding the future of the sector’s network.

Thank you to those that
 joined us on this free and fast-paced day to bring together Peel’s Arts and Culture sector through idea sharing and discussion.

More information can be found here: Agenda

PowerPoint Presentations from the presenters can be found below:

Kim Jameson – City of Mandurah

Kellee Aberg

Emma Lyons & James Cherry – MPAC Youth Ambassadors

Leanne Cassellas – Fairbridge Festival

John Lambrecht – RDA Peel, Executive Officer

Cathcart Weatherly

Opening slide show