Workshops & Seminars

RDA Peel has successfully conducted a number of events to build community capacity.

These include:

  • DGR Workshop with Philanthropy Australia

Following on from the Peel Community Grants Expo, Philanthropy Australia’s Vanessa Meachan introduced participants to philanthropic funds which provided an overview of Australian trusts and foundations and the environment in which they operate.
Participants also learnt how to research potential funding sources, what to include in a submission, what to leave out, how to make your application easy to understand and what makes foundations different to other funders.
The DRG workshop was held in Mandurah.

  • Peel Community Grants Expo 2011

Approximately 200 participants listened to presentations regarding grant and funding opportunities from Dept. of Sport and Recreation, Lotterywest, Peel Development Commission, Dept. for Communities, Heathway, Philanthropy Australia, Bendigo Bank and Dept. of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. Participants were then given appointments to speak one on one to funders for 5 minutes each. Numerous groups took up this wonderful opportunity, which continued for approximately and hour and a half.
The expo was held in Mandurah.

  • An hour with Les Twentyman

Les Twentyman OAM spent an hour inspiring community and youth workers from the Peel Region as to his past 25 years working as a full time outreach worker in Victoria. Les is no stranger to controversy and his forthright opinions and views on social attitudes affecting our youth made all participants sit up and listen.

Les presented at the Fishtrap Theatre, Mandurah

  • Association & Incorporation Information Sessions

The Department of Commerce briefed participants on information on Associations and Clubs such as:

  • The legal obligations of your association
  • Members’ rights
  • The committee – members’ responsibilities and liabilities
  • Changing the rules
  • The benefits of being incorporated

These workshops were held in Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale and Mandurah.

  • Applied Corporate Governance

Facilitator Paul Anderson ensured that the participants had a better understanding of what is meant by ‘good governance’ processes and how they can benefit and add value to the organisation’s vision, purpose and strategic direction. The program covered:

  • Governance in community ‘non-profit’ enterprises (establishing the commercial context; examples of sound governance)
  • The role of a governing board [‘steermanship’ (mission) and ‘stewardship’ (resources)]
  • Director’s responsibilities (duties, knowledge, skills and implied obligations of holding office)
  • The board calendar (the work of the board – annual cycle of key tasks)
  • The board meeting agenda (being informed – making better decisions – transparency)
  • The board paper (the rationale behind a ‘proposal – risk and sustainability assessment – alignment with mission)
  • The board decided (strategic decision making checklists – minimum ‘due diligence’)
  • Board reviews (how can the board better manage its fiduciary duties; individual reviews; ‘whole of board’ performance management)
  • Board succession planning (‘diversity’ – directors with the right skills and experience for the ‘stage of growth’)

This workshop was held at Murdoch University, Mandurah.

  • Project Planning

This workshop provided a clear pathway of getting your project up and running. Patrick Moriarty from Our Community covered:

  • Why develop a project plan
  • How to develop an evidence base
  • The steps/stages involved in your plan
  • What resources are required to meet your plan
  • To develop a contingency plan (risk management)
  • Reporting/evaluating/feedback
  • Acknowledging support
  • How to avoid burnout
  • Succession planning

This workshop was held in the Shires of Serpentine-Jarrahdale and Pinjarra.

  • Intensive Community Fundraising

Participants were provided with an overview of the strategies to assist them to provide for a practical, workable, integrated, sustainable fundraising strategy for their community group. Emphasis was focused on the six pillars of raising funds – donations, grants, community-business partnerships, alumni/membership, special events, and earned income – which can bring in valuable funds for community groups.
This workshop was held in Mandurah and Shire of Waroona.

  • Understanding Financial Statements

Employees, Committee Members and Volunteers for Community Groups were advised on how to understand financials for their organisations and covered items such as:

  • Financial reports presented at meetings
  • What are assets, liabilities and equity
  • What is your group’s REAL financial position
  • How do you set a realistic budget
  • How do you measure the group’s performance

This workshop was held in Mandurah.

  • Grant Writing

In conjunction with City of Mandurah, Peel ACC presented this workshop which featured sessions on the Regional Partnership program, Lotterywest Grants and How to write a quality grant application. Participants enjoyed the ‘hands on’ workshops and the opportunity to networks with other community organisation within the Peel Region.
This workshop was held in Mandurah.