The RDA network has been established throughout Australia to provide a strategic framework for economic growth in each region.


Meet the members of Regional Development Peel’s Committee.


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Economic Development

RDA Committees were established on 01 January 2010 by the Australian Government with the aims of bringing together all levels of government;
enhancing the growth and development of regional Australia; and
providing a strategic framework for economic growth in each region.

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Peel’s Digital Future

The Peel Region is one the fastest growing and most geographically diverse regions of Western Australia. The five local governments of the Peel are determined to build a prosperous, socially inclusive and sustainable future for their communities.

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Arts & Culture

Research conducted by RDA Peel indicated that from an economic and social development perspective the arts and culture sector in the Peel appears particularly active and vibrant, providing high levels of social participation.

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Human Capital

Knowledge, as embodied in human beings (as “human capital”) and in technology, has always been central to economic development. But only over the last ten years has its relative importance been recognised, just as that importance is growing.

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RDA Peel believes the community has a strong role to play in driving development of the region. RDA Peel will support this role by Informing; Consulting; Involving; Collaborating; and Empowering

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RDA Committees are funded to:

Maintain a 3-5 year regional plan that focuses on economic development of the region and takes account of Australian, State/Territory & Local Government plans.
Advise on priority activities that will drive regional economic development and take advantage of comparative advantages, based on consultation and engagement with community leaders.
Assist local community stakeholders to develop project proposals and help shepherd them to appropriate public and/or private funding sources, including the Australian Government’s $1 billion National Stronger Regions Fund.
Provide advice to the Australian Government on critical issues affecting each region.
Enhance awareness of Australian Government programs.
Each year a Business Plan is formulated that outlines the Committee’s proposed activities and priority work tasks that support these roles.